Twenty One Pilots - Drown

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Here I come, come to you in the very clothes
That I killed, killed you in and now I know Iâm alone
I walk to you, rain falls from you
Can you wash me, can you drown me

I wanna be a lot of things, so much pent up inside of me
I wanna be stronger too long Iâve sat here undecidedly
Planning strategy, half of me knows itâs all just a fallacy
Failing miserably, drastically and then I crash dramatically
Into a wall, Iâve hit a hundred times before
And yet I still ignore the dark red blood stains on the floor
And Iâm back in front of you Lord, with blood on the floor
Is the blood mine or yours donât wanna do this anymore

Back and forth between being me and who you call me to be
You see a man free who thinks he has to buy a key
To a door but he canât â

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