twenty one pilots & ASAP Rocky - HeavyDirtySoul/Lane Boy/M/LSD Live MTV VMA 2015

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Tyler Joseph - Heavydirtysoul
There's an infestation in my minds imagination
I hope they choke on smoke cause Im smoking them out the basement

AAP Rocky - ?
But my shooter got plenty of bodies hit anybody

Tyler Joseph - Heavydirtysoul
Rapping to prove nothing, just writing to say something
Cause I wasnt the only one who wasnt rushing to saying nothing

AAP Rocky - JD
Each and everybody somebody eenie eenie meenie miney mo
Flacko Jodye stepped up in this piece
Bust my Glock to ensure that all you niggas rest in peace

Tyler Joseph - Heavydirtysoul
Can you save
Can you save my
Can you save my heavy dirty soul?
Can you save
Can you save my
Can you save my heavy dirty soul?
For me, for me
Can you save my heavy dirty soul?

AAP Rocky - M'
(You ain't got no Flacko in your Serato?)
Mothafucka better blast that shit
Niggas drink quarts of the Clicquot
Bitches sniff raw of the kilos
Flacko makes sales of the perico
She knows, went to ATL for my C-Note
'Member, I ain't ever have no home
Now I got a penthouse and a beach home
Back when I was rockin' least (2 Chainz)
I was trappin' off at least like three phones
Talk about M's

Tyler Joseph (AAP Rocky) - Message Man (M')
Hope you're dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this? (Talk about M's)
People they rhyme like this (M's)
We're all impressed by this
They rip it, flip it but these are just triplets (Make 'em talk about, make 'em talk about M's)
Wrote this in three minutes (Talk about M's)
Three words to a line
It's just poetry divided
I'm the kind of guy (Talk about M's)
Who takes every moment
He knows he confided in (Talk about M's)
Music to use it
For others to use it (Talk about M's)
You're dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this? (Talk about M's, M's)

Tyler Joseph - Lane Boy
Im sorry if that question I asked last
Scared you a bit like a Hazmat, in a gas mask if you ask Zack
Hes my brother, he likes when I rap fast

AAP Rocky - ?
Don't hold your breath, load your piece and then squeeze, then release

Tyler Joseph (AAP Rocky) - Lane Boy
Forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity, my morality
If you get in between someone I love and me
Youre gonna feel the heat of my cavalry
All these songs Im hearing are so heartless
Dont trust a perfect person and dont trust a song thats flawless
They say, "stay in your lane, boy, (lane, boy), lane, boy"
But we go where we want to
They think this thing is a highway, (highway), highway
But will they be alive tomorrow?

AAP Rocky (Tyler Joseph) - LD (Lane Boy)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (get low)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I know I dream about her all day (all day)
I think about her with her clothes off (stay low, stay low)
I'm ridin' 'round with my system bumpin' LSD
I look for ways to say "I love you" (stay low, stay low)
But I ain't into makin' love songs (Are you ready? Are you ready?)
Baby, I'm just rappin' to this LSD (Here we go, let's do this, 1, 2)
1, 2, 3, go
It started in Hollywood
Dreamin' of sharin' love
My tongue at a loss for words
Cause my feelings just said it all
Party just started up (They say, "stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy")
Dreamin' of sharin' worlds (But we go where we want to)
Held this feeling for way too long (They think this thing is a highway, highway)
Said, "I really wanna let it go" (But will they be alive tomorrow?)

Tyler Joseph (AAP Rocky) - Outro
Remembering the day (Cause we both came to stay)
They call him "Pretty Flacko" (And they call him "Blurryface")
We're calling up our mommas with no drama just to say
"Look momma, we made it, we're on the VMAs" (Ayy)

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